Trek Overview

Region: Chamoli District
State: Uttarakhand
Trek duration: 4 Night / 5 Days
Trek Level: Easy to Moderate
Max. Altitude: 3250 metres.
Trek Length: 18 kilometres.
Trek Route: Himni  Bunni Bugiyal  Bagzi Bugiyal  Malla Tamakhani  Ghesh.
Trek Package: 7800/- person

Stairway To Heaven @ 65° Vertical Line
Bugyals are alpine pasture lands, or meadows, in higher elevation range beyond 3,000 metres of the Himalayas. These alpine meadows are distinguished by the thick layer of velvety grass “Buggi Ghas” spread over a vast terrain either flat or sloped.
Bagzi Bugyal is such an amazing pastoral green land laid at the top of Himalaya at an altitude of 3250 metres.
Bagzi Bugyal denotes a never ending journey through infinite pastoral landscape keeping the mighty zeniths of Himalayas all around.
Traveller`s eyes hover in 360 degrees submerged in awestruck beauty of Mount Trishuli, Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghungti, Khamil Peak…

An arena in Panavision opens up with snow crowned Nandadevi, virgin peak of Trishuli, and Mighty top of Nanda Ghunt standing tall!

Our eyes can’t get enough of this magnanimous grandeur! Tears of joy rolls down letting the soul fly endless. We stay back for the night at the Bugyal of Bagzi to live in and experience the surreal nocturnal ambience of high land Himalaya.

An eclectic multi-dimensional Himalayan Eco-tourism & Agriculture Development domain titled as TREKIKING leads the traveller to a state of trance-struck magic hour born setting Sun.

In golden light, embracing zillions of flowers, You live your life as if it’s real, A thousand kisses deep.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:- 08 hrs drive from RISHIKESH to HIMNI via Dewal block by road 264 kms

Himni is a small village perked at 2600 metres facing snow caped Trishuli glacier, Nanda Ghunguti peak, Bagzi Bugiyal… The village is home to a community of 200 Garhwali Rajput families who are scaling a horizon bending indigenous terrace farming by canvasing magical landscape keeping in guards the heavenly glaciers at the background where the lines merges in infinity shifting traveller`s eyes from horizon to eternity.

Trekkers of the mountains, farmers of the high meadows and the followers of Organic produce worldwide all together can experience the ultimate zone of oneness at this village with soulful host, traditional architecture, integrated animal husbandry, simple way of life.

After several hours of winding mountain road alongside Bhagirathi, Alakananda, Pindari Rivers, the team reaches this small promising hamlet. The earthy courtyard with a welcoming sip of tea nurtures the group in joyful excitement.

A perfect home-away home feeling lets us recover and prepare for the tomorrow`s trek to Bunni Bugiyal.

Day 2:- 7 kms. Up-TREK from HIMNI village to BUNNI Bugyal, Trek time 5 hours

Morning at Himni village prepares trekkers towards the challenge.

Activites @ Himni Village

  • Introduction to Bagzi Bugyal Trek
  • Introduction to your Trek- Leader
  • Trek Gadget check
  • Primary Health Parameter monitoring
  • After breakfast the Trek commence at 8am in summer / 10am in winter

A cup of hot tea, loaded mules, blessings from happy host`s, set us on the uphill pathway leading towards the dense forest of Khorshu, Thuner, Rhododendron… Splash green lush nature surrounds us with musky smell of Neyr, Guggul-Mashi, red dots of Raspberry decorates the monsoon trek-route, we can`t but let those little red fruits surprise our lips in tender touch. A quick turn at the ridge puts the explorers in front of that tree, Bhoj-patra whose leaves has been the creator`s writing pad for the ancient text since Vedic times.

A mind full of natural extravagance, we move on…

Once the suitable camping site is located inside the forest where dry wood and fresh water stream are available, makes a perfect pause for the team.

We mount the colourful North Face tents, release our tired feet from those hefty trekking shoes, and let the walking poles rest. Birds chirping tunes in to our loving heart for each other, the trekkers cracking naughty pleasantries lift up the fire place.

The service team of Himalayan Eco-Tourism and Agriculture Development serves tangy fritters.

Camping in the jungle is not a distant dream tonight.

Day 3:- 4 kms. Up-TREK from BUNNI Bugyal to BAGZI Bugyal, Trek time 3 hrs

With the rising sun, green meadows have become a wholesome grazing plate where all kinds of domestic animals playfully binding with each other. Trekkers chose to halt to capture the moment of primordial lust and joy of being-ness.  Trekkers are faced by a decent after a gradual ascent, after the decent, a ridge is seen at the bent, afternoon clouds play hide & seek with the mountains, we ask if that is the road or the road has been washed away by the waterfall last monsoon! Trek leader confirms “Yes, that is the road since last monsoon hence move downward!” the team marches down slowly. After 400 metres of gliding down and there behind the clutch of clouds a long, windy, ridge from nowhere makes our way.

Walking by the ridge for 2 and half hours we reach at the foot hill of our much desired destination, a flowery welcome settles our mood to continue for arduous uphill hiking till Bagzi Bugiyal. Ever smiling farmer`s couple let us fix the destination by pointing their fingers towards the green table-top of Bagzi Bugiyal. Few sips of hot coffee and chitchatting about the vertical height of the very route enthral our soul like a child in desperation to reach the lap of the Mother Nature.

Mystical snowline of Himalaya reveals herself bit by bit in front of our eyes in pictorial ecstasy…

From faraway upland a herdsman`s flute blowing in sync with chirping birds, makes the steep stairway a call to reach that mighty highland. Holding our last breathe for those few final steps, wish fulfilling moment of each trekker comes in just there. And here comes a castle of cloud from the thin air leading you by holding your hand through zillions of multi-coloured flowers in wilderness.

The team lands at Bagzi Bugiyal.

A rarely seen vastness lay in wavy layers on the lap of majestic Himalayas where reality slips away in surreal.

Another night in the lap of Himalaya passes by at the camping.

Day 4:- 5.5 kms. Down-TREK from BAGZI Bugyal to MALLA TAMAKHANI via Dayal Khet. Trek time 4 hours

Waking up at Bagzi Bugyal is special.

Morning meadow of Bagzi Bugyal wakes up all the five senses.

A cup of tea in company with the mighty peaks of Himalayan silver line make you fall.

Through the rising sunrays You and the team wander by the Bagzi Bugyal in sheer joy.

Trek leader calls for break-fast & pack-up.

It`s time to come down from Bagzi Bugyal. By now an eternal love-story between you and Bagzi bugyal is helmed. A quick temporary goodbye in moist heart, step by step steep decent towards forest track leading to the village of Malla Tamakhani via Dayal Khet. We witness the Land of Rohdodrendron and Khorshu trees since thousands of years bearing the landmark of the trekkers who mark their way for the fellow travellers. We reach a junction where the arrow is indicating both sides of the down-route towards our destination. Trekiking Trek manager suggests the shorter & easier one to trek down, the team wanted it longer, chose the one at the left only to prove that Himalaya is mysterious at every nook & corner.

It is time for a packed lunch break at the bugyal of Dayal Khet . Khichdi made of Organic red rice and fried eggs happens to be the treat for trekker`s hungry stomach.  Post lunch walking for another one hour brings the team to Malla Tambakhani Village. They say before many years there used to be rampant mining of Copper so the name of this village is Malla Tambakhani (Copper mine of upland).

Imagine you lived during the late Stone Age, a time known as the Neolithic period. One day, you find a shiny chunk of rock. You pick it up and take it home where you try to figure out what it is. You hit it with a hammer, expecting it to break like most of the rocks you know, but instead, you dent it. Well, that’s something special! You enjoy being at this ancient land of simply mountain people.

From the camping site at Malla Tambakhani, villages perched on the mountains of Himalayas around are seen in panoramic vision, Ghes, Himni, Lohajang, Deval…

The team of Trekiking spends the night celebrating the just completed trek with bonfire, freshly cooked organic food, music, dance, gaiety and fun.

Day 5

Today morning is to go back from where the team started the journey, walking down from Malla Tambakhani through the organic agricultural field, scattered village huts, children are coming back from school, brief discussion over tea with the villagers, and women are sowing grains in the fields…

A gradual decent of 1 hour brings us to the civilisation of asphalt road & fuel cars.

256 kilometres by road from Ghesh Village to Rishikesh / 244 kilometres by road from Ghesh Village to Kathgudam, journey time 08 Hrs.

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Itinerary Briefing

Rishikesh is 250 kilometres North-east from Delhi; travel time by road is 6 hours, by air 30 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is 16 kilometres from Rishikesh, travel time 30 minutes

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, situated at 266 kilometres from Delhi travel time by road is 7 hours.

264 kilometres by road from Rishikesh to Himni Village/ 250 kilometres by road from Kathgudam to Himni Village

Devprayag  Srinager Rudraprayag Karnprayag Tharali Deval Himni


Kathgudam, a town at Nainital district of Uttarakhand at an altitude of 554 metres, is situated at a distance of 321 kilometres from Delhi.Nearest airport to reach this hill town is Pantnagar Airport at a distance of 34 kms from the City centre. Kathgudam railway station and Kathgudm central Bus stand are the best ways to reach the town 24/7.

Almora Kausani Garur Gowaldham Deval Himni

  • Day 1: Rishikesh To Himni Village via Dewal
  • Meeting Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh
  • Departure: 6.30am
  • Altitude: 2600 mtrs.
  • Distance: 264 kms.
  • Travel time: 08-09 hrs.
  • Dinner: Himni Village Home Stay
  • Night Halt: Himni Village Home Stay
  • Day 2: Himni To Bunni Bugyal
  • Altitude: 2820 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 7 kms.
  • Breakfast: Himni Village Home Stay
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Bunni Bugyal Camp-site
  • Night Halt: Bunni Bugyal Camp-site
  • Day 3: Bunni Bugyal to Bagzi Bugyal
  • Altitude: 3250 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 4 kms.
  • Breakfast: Bunni Bugyal Camp-site
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Bagzi Bugyal Camp-site
  • Night Halt: Bagzi Bugyal Camp-site
  • Day 4: Bagzi Bugyal to Malla Tamba Khani via Dayal Khet
  • Altitude: 2650 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 5.5 kms.
  • Breakfast: Bagzi Bugyal Camp-site
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Malla Tambakhani Camp-site
  • Night Halt: Malla Tambakhani Camp-site
  • Day 5: Malla Tambakhani To Rishikesh (Nataraj Chowk)  via Ghesh
  • Altitude: 372 mtrs.
  • Distance: 264 kms.
  • Breakfast : Malla Tambakhani Camp-site
  • Travel time: 08-9 hrs
  • Reaching Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh

Home Stay / Village Tour

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