Trek Overview

Region: Chamoli District
State: Uttarakhand
Trek duration: 5 Night / 6 Days
Trek Level: Easy to Moderate
Max. Altitude: 3718 metres.
Trek Length: 28 kilometres.
Trek Route: Bursol  Prant   Kopad Brahmtaal Brahmtaal Summit Telandi Bhekaltal Ratgaon  Bursol.
Trek Package: 8700/- person

Invitation to the abode of Brahma the Creators
Brahmatal is a celestial lake tucked in the vast meadows of Himalayas at an altitude of 3444 mtrs.
Brahmatal summit stands at an altitude of 3718 mtrs.
Brahmatal is considered as Lord Brahma’s abode of meditation since the beginning of time.
Brahmatal affirms the shape of Brahmkamal, the primordial flower of Himalayan region of Uttarakhand.
Brahmatal is geographically situated in Chamoli Garhwal.
Brahmatal lake freezes completely during winter in the months of October till March.
All trek routes to Brahmatal are snow laden.
Brahmatal summit crown stands snow-capped.
Snow covered Brahmatal peak can be attained by trekkers without much difficulty.

A very active wild life can be witnessed throughout the trek route, Barasingha, Himalayan fox, White beer, Himalayan wild goat (Black & White), here to mention that Ibex/Thar; interestingly, mostly survives by licking the mountain slopes discharging medicinal juice of Shilajeet, katukki… Monal, the effervescent Bird of Uttarakhand with feathers in rainbow palette welcomes you to the mountain land around.

There is never dearth of oxygen as the Brahmatal is surrounded by dense forest of Deodar, Rododendron, Thuner (Taxus Baccata), Khorsu etc… so it acts as a reservoir of oxygen.

Monsoon is a lucrative time of lush-green nature to walk through this magical valley. This time of the year over the plateau is ventured by animals to graze the wet grassland of Himalayas.

All through the year the illusive land of Brahmatal makes every traveller feels an intimate proximity with other legendary summits of Himalayas around.

The meadow of upper Kunji is an alternate grazing field for courageous farmer travellers. Upper Kuji is yet an untouched leisure trove for both the locals and the trekkers to enjoy Himalayan serenity.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:- 08 Hrs. Drive From Rishikesh To Bursol Via Tharali By Road 260 Kms

  • Bursol Village Base camp is at 1800 mtrs
  •  After reaching Base Camp The Team bonds over relaxation
  •  Early dinner & Night halt at Trekiking Home stay

Day 2:- 8 Kms. Up-Trek From Bursol To Kopad Via Prant, Trek Time 6 Hours

Activites @ Bursol Village Base camp in the morning

  • Acclimatization
  • Introduction to Brahmatal Trek
  • Introduction to your Trek- Leader
  • Trek Gadget check
  • Primary Health Parameter monitoring

After breakfast the Trek commence at 8am in summer / 10am in winter.

Bursol is the last village on the trek route to Brahmatal. The mountain meadow of Brahmatal is home to organic farmer’s village of Bursol, pastureland of Kopad. Excellency of these people lies in Terraced cultivation of organic grains and crops. Their principal livelihood runs on organic farmland produce.

Pathway leading to Prant is a regular village strip which leads the team through the lush green nature. A forest full of Pine, Oak, Rhododendron, chirping of Black Drongo (Gaunched), Blue Whistling Thrush (Kalthu), Wild fowls (Kukas), Sattal, Harials, Parrots, Chatak, Papiha, Haldu, Nilkanth, Pigeons, Partridges are found in varied colours and in abundance… Travellers will cross through local people along with their domestic stocks. Small shrines of pagan believes such as Naldevi, Bhairavnath, Bhumiyal Devta are present as primeval protector of the mountain communities.

A brisk yet pleasant walk of 3 hrs after crossing a local river stream fondly named Jangar, will bring the team to village of Prant at an altitude of 2300 mtrs.

The route from here to Kopad is the simplest of all the other popularly used trek routes. This route has been in everyday use for local people since many years hence the route is well paved.

Brahmatal is at 15 kms. from Bursol via Kopad. The distance between basecamp of Bursol to Kopad is 8 kms. and from Kopad to Brahmatal is 7 kms.

Day 3:- 7 kms. Up-TREK from KOPAD to BRAHMATAL via Upper Kunji. Trek time 6 hrs

Activites @ Kopad Base Camp @ 2620 mtrs

  • Pre- Trek Physical Training
  • Trek equipment manoeuvring
  • Knowledge sharing
  • After breakfast the Trek commence at 8am in summer / 10am in winter

Kopad is a habitual grazing field for locals from Ratgaon. This comes under Nanda Devi Reserve Forest Land. Community from Ratgaon since generations do organic farming of mountain potato, Rajma (Kidney beans) and Hemp to get hemp seeds as pickle add-on, spice and hemp fibre ropes,

The huge green plateau of Kopad can host quite a number of trekkers and their tents. Fresh water is flowing from more than one source throughout the year. The plateau is surrounded by dense forest of Oak, Deodar, Rhododendron. Nanoli River flows through the valley of Kopad originating from the upland of Brahmatal, Himalayas. A diverse variety of savage animals such as mountain deer, leopard, wild boar and many more can be found in the jungle of the Reserve Forest. Domestic animals like cows, buffalos, horses, goats will be seen around grazing at the meadows.

Arrival at Brahmatal Base camp situated in 3444 mtrs.

This mythical pond is filled with water of many springs sourcing from highland of Himalayas. The water of this pond is perpetually flowing through the year. The temple of Goddess Nanda Devi creates a perfect setup of peaceful camping.

The Trekkers reaches Brahmatal Base camp crossing through the forest bound meadows of Himalayas chasing a steep ascend towards the mighty Brahmatal Lake. Divine nature of Himalaya unfolds at each step of this spellbinding destination…

After a brief relaxation with food and beverage, the trek leader gives a demonstration of mounting the tent involving the team.

Mountain ridges beckons the setting Sun in flamboyant colors. Trekkers submerge in visual splendour of the mystic lake.

With evening settling in, we start collecting wood to make the fire, sourcing water from the spring around. The team bonds while strolling around the curious stretch of the lake in moonlight and If it is a no-moon night, the vast sky of Brahmatal transforms in creator`s canvas of zillion stars falling for your eyes.

A much awaited fresh`n hot Dinner is served under the star-lit sky…

Nocturnal splendour of this valley steals your heart to the stars…

Day 4:- 5 kms. Up-TREK from BRAHMATAL to TELANDI / BHEKALTAL Via BRAHMATAL SUMMIT. Trek time 6 hours

The trek schedule suggests the trekkers to wake up at an early hour to witness Rising Sun from Brahmatal Summit at 3718 mtrs. A picture of million dollars can be boxed by the trekkers to the likes of the Netizens

While trekking on this route, trekkers can see the wondrous view of Himalayan Heights like Nandadevi, Mount Trishul, Nandaghunti, Dronagiri, Pindari Glacier, Valley of Ali in panoramic view. Temperature ranging between -15 to 8 degrees confirms this abode to trekkers a year-long destination of choice for ever and over again.

Spending an entire day at Brahmatal Summit nurturing the supreme beauty through the senses wildly, feasting over healthy snacks & fruits, the trekkers come down to Brahmatal camp-site for night halt.

When a mind full of splendour, the body of a trekker calls it a halt at the historical hermitage of Bhekaltaal.

After a pleasant walk of illusive 3 hours walking down we reach Bhekaltal at 2773 metres.

Mysterious Bhekaltal in the shape of a snake, is the land of mythical snake-god; Once upon a time the head priest of the Snake-temple, in search of his lost water-pot, jumped inside the pond and disappeared… myth goes that he had a divine encounter with snake god and goddess. Bhekal Nag is dearly worshipped by the farmer community of Ratgaon village offering milk.

Bhekaltal has been the central point for trekkers and mountaineers to connect Roopkund and Brahmatal region since hundreds of years.

Day 5: 8 Kms. Down-TREK from Telandi / Bhekaltal TO BURSOL via RATGAON, TREK time 7 hours

When the route brings you to the ridge of the summit, a trekker`s decent to the Nanda valley begins while still holding your soul in 360 degrees to top of the spectacular Brahmatal range of Garhwal Himalayas.

Our descent follows the valley of Telandi at 3260 mtrs which is synonym to Mountan meadows fondly called Bugiyal of Himalayas. The meadows of Brahmatal & Telandi are mostly used for grazing the animals. High altitude meadows are untouched by farming because of non-accessibility of the Nandadevi reserve forest lands.

Till this point an endless visual spectrum of mountain ridge, dense forest merging in distant villages of Tharali block charms the trekker.

British government has established the Lord Curzon Marg, a mountain road connecting the villages of Shol-Chetra (Conglomeration of 16 villages of Chamoli district) made by Lord Curzon), himself an avid adventurer and mountaineer of oriental life and geography. The most celebrated Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra, a religious expedition on foot covering approximately 230 kms. distance on trekking route has also been connected with Lord Curzon Marg for the pilgrims to reach the main axe of the expedition of Goddess Nanda Devi`s auspicious palanquin.

Another successful journey spurs the evergreen team leaders of Trekiking over the humble lunch break at Ratgaon village.

Post lunch a hilly descent of 1500 metres led by the forest way will land the team at Bursol base-camp by late afternoon.

Now is the time to unwind with unforgettable memories of Brahmatal tuned in music-masti-bonfire celebrating soulful bonding with trekkers of Trekiking.

Day 6

260 KM by road from BUSROL to RISHIKESH, journey time 08 HRS

Trek Experience

  • Praveen Kagatikar

    It was an amazing experience staying close to the nature and simplicity. The homestay and it’s location is a perfect place to find some peace. The food served is totally organic and tastes great. Great effort by Kuldeep and the entire crew who made our trek and stay a memorable one. Keep up the good work and spirits high. Thanks a lot.!

  • Jayanth

    We trekked to brahamatal with kuldeep and crew. The experience was mindblowing. Kuldeep and crew treated us very well. The prant homestay was an amazing experience. We felt we were very close to nature. Safety was well taken care by kuldeep and crew. Food served was amazing. We had roti, dal, chawal, jeelibi and hot hot pakodas. The weather made the food more tasty. Given a chance we would recisit the same place.

  • Varun dhir

    We were a group of 8 trekkers and had a wonderful time with Kuldeep sir and his team who were very supportive and ensure our trek + stay to Brahmtal was very comfortable . I would definitely recommend all trekking and nature enthusiasts to visit their homestay and have a great time .

  • Chandan Kumar

    We trekked the Beautiful Brahmatal with Kuldeep and team. It was one of the best trekking experience. Great hospitality, attention and care was taken. And the food was too amazing. Freshly cooked and served hot with local speciality. We throughout the trip ate more than we usually do, because of the tasty and yummy food. Facilities of the homestay, tents and equipments were of great quality. Finally it felt like we were trekking with our friends and cousins. That was the level of attention and care that was taken of us, very importantly we had fun. Definitely coming back soon for my next treks here. Keep up the great work. Thank you Kuldeep and team.

  • Siddharth Malhotra

    We really had a heavenly experience with Kuldeep ji and team during our New Year trek to Brahmtal. They accompanied us just like our friends on the trek and made us experience the beautiful village of Prant. We had great food from the local produce and had a merry time on our way up. Safety comfort and enjoyment were all part of our experience. Looking forward to doing more treks with our friends.

  • akshay

    we guys had a lots of fun with you guys.You guys totally helpful n caring. Hume laga hum aapke hi ghar wale hai. Nice experience with you guys. I love you.

  • Adarsh Deshmukh

    Well it counts one of the best experiences I had in the Himalayas & the staff was so cool & they were so hospitable that I was like WOW haven\'t seen anyone in the Himalayas so cool & giving me a family feel.Looking forward to do more treks with these guys

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Itinerary Briefing

Rishikesh is 250 kilometres North-east from Delhi; travel time by road is 6 hours, by air 30 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is 16 kilometres from Rishikesh, travel time 30 minutes
Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, situated at 266 kilometres; travel time by road is 7 hours
260 kilometres by road from Rishikesh to Bursol Base Camp via
Devprayag Srinagar Karnprayag Tharali Bursol Base Camp

  • Day 1: Rishikesh To Bursol via Tharali
  • Meeting Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh
  • Departure: 6.30am
  • Altitude: 1900 mtrs.
  • Distance: 260 kms.
  • Travel time: 08-10 hrs.
  • Dinner: Bursol Base Camp
  • Night Halt: Bursol Home Stay
  • Day 2: Bursol To Kopad
  • Altitude: 2620 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 8 kms.
  • Breakfast: Bursol Base Camp
  • Lunch: Prant Home Stay
  • Dinner: Kopad Campsite
  • Night Halt: Kopad Campsite
  • Day 3: Kopad To Brahmatal
  • Altitude: 3444 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 7 kms.
  • Breakfast: Kopad Campsite
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Brahmatal Campsite
  • Night Halt: Brahmatal Campsite
  • Day 4: Brahmatal To Telandi / Bhekaltal Via Brahmatal Summit
  • Altitude: 3718 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 5 kms.
  • Breakfast: Travel Pack
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Telandi / Bhekaltal Campsite
  • Night Halt: Telandi / Bhekaltal Campsite
  • Day 5: Telandi / Bhekaltal To Bursol via Ratgaon
  • Altitude: 1900 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 8 kms.
  • Breakfast : Telandi / Bhekaltal Campsite
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Bursol Base Camp
  • Night Halt: Bursol Home Stay
  • Day 6: Bursol To Rishikesh (Nataraj Chowk)  via Tharali
  • Altitude: 372 mtrs.
  • Breakfast: Bursol Base Camp
  • Distance: 260 kms.
  • Travel time: 08-10 hrs.
  • Reaching Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh

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