Trek Overview

Region: Chamoli District
State: Uttarakhand
Trek duration: 5 Night / 6 Days
Trek Level: Easy to Moderate
Max. Altitude: 2700 metres.
Trek Length: 12 kilometres.
Trek Route: Ruisan Manil Camp-Site Ranwadhar Duin Ruisan Bursol
Trek Package: 13500/- person

Simple yet beautiful Himalayan trek route
Easily accessible from mainland of Tharali
This trek can be covered in a short period of time
An amazing trek experience can happen in winter season
Upper Manil campsite opens to the Trishuli range of Mountains

Dungri has been a very populated village hence the village has been divided into two Gram Panchayats, one of Dungri and other of Ruisan.

Dungri has around 400 farmer families of Brahman, Rajput and scheduled caste. The population of Scheduled caste is famous for their capacity as craftsman who is apt in handmade crafts made of local variety of bamboo “Rengal” such as, solta (Farmer`s back storage), wood carpenters of Plough, indigenous agricultural equipment, utensils to accumulate curd, and other household items.

In winter Dungri village is completely submerged in snow. Roads are closed from dungri to Ruisan as water goes frozen.

Dungri has the only temple of Shiva existing since many generations where Shiv lingam has been found. This temple is considered as old as Panchmukhi lingam.

The Vishnu temple (Narayan Mandir) existing since time immemorial at this region.

From Ruisan & Manil travellers can view the entire mountain region of Garhwal Himalayas.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:- 08 hrs drive from Rishikesh to Ruisan via Tharali by road 230 kms

Ruisan is situated at 1400 mtrs. After several hours of winding mountain road alongside Bhagirathi, Alakananda, Pindari Rivers crossing spiritual hotspots, Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnprayag, the team reaches this promising hamlet of Chamoli district.

At Himni Village, earthy courtyard, happy farmer family host with a welcoming sip of tea nurtures the group in joyful excitement.

Night Halt at Home stay of Ruisan village makes the journey a sweet beginning.

Day 2:- 3 kilometres trek from Ruisan to Manil Camp-Site


  • Introduction to Dungri Manil Trek
  • Introduction to your Trek- Leader
  • Trek Gadget check
  • Primary Health Parameter monitoring

Villagers flock at the courtyard to share the story around origin of the Village name.  A species of forest plant called runsi gave out the name of Ruisan, Locals use to make walking stick, the batter rod for butter milk,

Other story goes like, cattle communities of Himalayan sheep & goat use to make the wool by using the axe (shaan) made of Runsi and woollen thread made the name Ruisan.

The team of senior trekkers are offered homemade breakfast and herbal tea. Now is the moment to take the upward route of Manil Camp Site. Here village huts are scattered in different layers of the mountain land. One after another stone and mud made huts gets revealed as the travellers trek up.

We cross the last bit of population after an hour of hiking towards Manil. Slowly the agricultural field also disappears leading us towards the forest bed of Dungri Manil. Spring colors the entire land to red with Rhododendron flower in full bloom. Trekking through this track is a sheer joy to the eyes.

After another hour of leisure walk the team reaches the Manil Camp Site situated on a quite vast mountain plateau. The local villagers have transformed the green scape of grassland to man-made forest and deodar and protect the trees with ardent fervour.

Trekiking team leaders make the senior trekkers comfortable with hot beverage & snacks.

Camps are mounted in this perfect set-up keeping the mountain range in front and Deodar trees around.

Sun sets in time lapse behind the mighty Himalayan range.

Day 3:- 3.5 kilometres from Manil Camp-site to Duin via Ranwadhar

Opening the day at Manil campsite on 2600 metres cheer the trekkers with ravishing view of Sunrise at the horizon.

Post breakfast we head towards the Ranwadhar ridge at 2700 metres.

From Ranwadhar travellers can watch the entire region of Chamoli district such as, Kulsari, Thrali, Narayan Bagar, Kera, Angyari Mahadev (Temple of Shiva), Badhangadi Temple (Sidh pith), This is one of the 52 Garh((Castle) existing in Garhwal Himalaya

The last village habitation of the family moved out before some time but their hut still exists.

Picturesque mountain roads in the middle of dense forest of Rhododendron, Deodar makes our lung breath and heal in pure air.

Himalayan peaks such as Trishuli range. Brahmtal, Khamil, Telandi stads tall in front of our eyes.

Day 4:- 4 kilometres trek from Duin Camp-site to Ruisan

This down trek is a very comfortable straight walking patch with a minimalistic descent factor. Villagers paved this route to collect forest wood for fire but they only collect the fallen branches, thunder struck trees, burnt out by forest fire, trees affected by heavy snow fall etc…

Casual meeting with herdsman coming down from the upland of Duin with their animal stock often makes the travellers feel connected in this lonesome nature`s nest. We reach Ruisan Village by late morning.

12 kilometres Journey by road from Ruisan to Bursol village Home-stay via Bunga village and Gerur.

Day 5

Today the last day of travel at Bursol Village will include visit and interaction with the villagers and their life.

Geographically Bursol is situated at a distance of 260 Kilometres from Dehradun. The base station for Himalaya`s Organic products and Himalayan Eco-Tourism & Agriculture Development. The village has open doors at any time on any season. A pass over at the village will prepare your soul to regain the motivation towards going back from where you started the journey.

Bursol village has land-marking opulence in Terraced organic farming of grain, pulses and vegetables such as Rajma, Ragi, Amaranth, Rinse dal, Toor Dal, Red rice, Flex seed, Black Soybean, Barnyard Millet, Turmeric, Garlic, Red Chilli, Onion, Cucumber, Gourd, potatoes etc…

At every household each one is mostly busy either farming at the agricultural field or at the courtyard drying, sorting, and husking the grains. Here the village changes its activities with the turn of seasons, the season for sowing seeds, the yielding time, the collection and sorting. Here at Bursol life moves around agricultural activities.

At the Home Stay of Himalayan Eco Tourism & Agriculture Development food is served from the household kitchen of with an assortment of freshly collected organic vegetable and dairy produce, grains, pulses, Mountain honey from forest flower under Himalaya`s Organic Product.

Day 6

This morning, is the wrap-up and farewell with the farmer`s community of Bursol. From here the travellers take the road to go back to Rishikesh by car.

08 Hrs Drive From Bursol To Rishikesh Via Tharali by Road 230 Kms.

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Itinerary Briefing

Rishikesh is 250 kilometres North-east from Delhi; travel time by road is 6 hours, by air 30 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is 16 kilometres from Rishikesh, travel time 30 minutes.

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, situated at 266 kilometres; travel time by road is 7 hours.

Devprayag Srinager Karnprayag  Tharali Gerur  Ruisan

  • Day 1: Rishikesh To Ruisan via Tharali
  • Meeting Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh
  • Departure: 6.30am
  • Altitude: 2400 mtrs.
  • Distance: 230 kms.
  • Travel time: 07-08 hrs.
  • Dinner: Ruisan Home Stay
  • Night Halt: Ruisan Home Stay
  • Day 2: 3 kms. Trek from Ruisan to Manil Camp Site
  • Altitude: 2600 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 3 kms.
  • Breakfast: Ruisan Home-Stay
  • Lunch: Manil Camp Site
  • Dinner: Manil Camp Site
  • Night Halt: Manil Camp Site
  • Day 3: 3.5 kmsTrek from Manil Camp Site to Duin Camp Site
  • Altitude: 2600 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 3.5 kms.
  • Breakfast: Manil Camp Site
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Duin Camp Site
  • Night Halt: Duin Camp Site
  • Day 4: 4 kms.Trek from Duin Camp Site to Bursol via Ruisan
  • 10 kms. by road from Ruisan to Bursol
  • Altitude: 1800 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 4 kms.
  • Breakfast: Duin Camp Site
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Bursol Home Stay
  • Night Halt: Bursol Home Stay
  • Day 5: Visit Bursol village
  • Altitude: 1800 mtrs.
  • Breakfast: Bursol Home Stay
  • Lunch: Bursol Home Stay
  • Dinner: Bursol Home Stay
  • Night Halt: Bursol Home Stay
  • Day 6: Visit Bursol village
  • 08 hrs drive from Bursol to Rishikesh via Tharali by road 230 kms.

Home Stay / Village Tour

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