A village is a perfect destination if you are in search of being in harmony with nature

The longest lasting myth that it is impossible to live in rural areas in modern day comfort, is fading out fast from the
agenda of travellers as living in a concrete jungle can make life more vulnerable.

Infinite natural landscape, fresh air from the mountains of Himalayas, natural water sources of high mountains, indigenous agricultural practices and a simple life, soulful welcome at the traditional villager`s community of farmers – all these things come to our mind when we think of those quaint villages tucked in the valleys of Himalayas. Here citadines can enjoy the naturally beautiful way of life in leisure while being away from the city life.

Villagers are by virtue the protector of mother nature, local culture and ancestral traditions. One can easily find a certain spiritual serenity with mountain people and feel a sense of well-being from the purposefulness of a simple community. There is a unique closeness between the elder and younger generations because of community living. The village temple is the divine place where people draw inspiration for their further work and pray for their families and themselves. Festivities are the pulse of life in the mountains with colourful costumes, folk music and delicious food.

Himalayan Eco-Tourism & Agriculture Development regales our trekkers and travellers with locally grown stock of grains and vegetables cultivated by the farmer`s community farmlands of Uttarakhand.

There may come a time at the onset of winter or summer when you just want to escape to the countryside to make your life sync in the rhythm of nature. Trekiking  opens the door to an inclusive tourism experience with the Village home-stays of Himalayas at any time of the year.

Let us nurture our passion to hold hands of those who are waiting for your long forgotten visit to their humble hamlet.