Trekiking Faculty
How fit should the Participants for trekking

A trekker needs to be fit and in good health. Regular stretching, working out and breathing exercise 2-3 week before the beginning of your trek can prove a great deal.

Can the itinerary be changed

Trek dates and routes reflecting on the calendar of Trekiking are fixed. A customized itinerary along with dates also can be planned out for a group of people. Please check the option Customize your trek on the website of Trekiking.

Should trekker bring his/ her own medicines

Absolutely – Trekkers should definitely carry medicines for specific medical conditions for. Trekiking group leaders are equipped with a general medical kit containing basic fast aid tool and medicines for general sickness and conditions.

What source of drinking water along the trek and in campsite

Available drinking water are from fresh water stream, clean to drink but you can ask your Trekking Guide and our support team about safe drinking water (Boiled in 100 degrees)

What kind of food do trekkers get during the trek

Himalayan Eco-Tourism & Agriculture Development serves the trekkers and travellers with locally grown stock of grains and vegetables branded as Himalaya`s organic Products which is the window for organic produce from the region, cultivated by the farmer`s community of Terraced natural Farming, Uttarakhand.

How many travellers will sleep in one tent

Trekiking will provide two categories of Twin sharing tents, 2+1 & 3+1 in which 2 or 3 people can stay very comfortably.

What kind of shoes trekkers should be equipped with

Good quality breathable, water resistant, ankle high hiking shoes is a must as a trekker will have to walk through the mountain ways in snow and rain.

Who will carry the luggage if a trekker is not able to

We have Mule and porters for carrying camping equipment + food stock.. Ideally trekkers need to carry their Rucksack hence it is advised to choose the right size of your back pack and to carry only the essentials. If a trekker fails to carry his / her luggage, a porter/ Mule can be arranged in exchange of suitable payment.

What do trekkers need to carry on the trekking journey

A complete list of all necessary things to carry is mentioned in the Book This Trek page of Trekiking website. Before the beginning of the trek we will inform you by mail as well about what trekkers are required to carry with.

Can a woman alone or a group of women trek with Trekiking

We welcome women trekkers to trek with Trekiking. Ensuring safety for our women trekkers is highly important to us.

How big are the groups

Usually our trekking group size is a maximum of 15 people in one group, while for school students, a maximum of 50 people in one group.

Any Tour leader or Trek guide with us during our trek

Trekiking Tour guides are experienced mountaineer who belong from high mountain region and knows the trek route very well. If any adverse situation due to climate change arises, our Team leader will bring back the entire team safely to the base camp or campsite.

Is taking anti-altitude sickness medicines like Diamox advisable

Till 3000 meters there shouldn`t be any problem for a person. Better to take advice & consult your doctor beforehand.

How long do the trekkers walk per day

Every day trekkers walk for minimum 5 kms maximum 15 kms a day. The duration of each trek route depends on variation in altitude (Low to High), nature of the mountain.

What are the different expertise levels of trekking

An expertise level of trekking depends on altitudinal variation, topography of the destination, effect of climatic attributions, atmospheric oxygen level. Generally trek levels are of 3 basic category i:e Easy, easy to moderate, moderate to difficult.

What is the best time to Trek in the high Himalayan Mountain region of Uttarakhand

Trekkers who enjoy trekking in winter, month of October to March is a great time to enjoy snow-capped peaks and trek routes.
The summer time trekkers are welcome from month of April to June.
Lovers of wild flora and fauna and lush green nature will surely enjoy monsoon trekking in te month of August and September.

Are there treks for seniors beyond 55 years of age

Age is not a barrier for trekkers in good health. Moreover, we at Trekiking encourage senior trekkers to trek with us.  We have special treks designed for seniors keeping the trek levels from easy to moderate. Please consult our website for details of such short treks.