Homestay Himalayan Eco Tourism and Agriculture Development at Prant, Tharali Block

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The answer my friend is blowing in the wind….
If you are still looking for a leisure home away home stay tucked in Himalayan hamlet of Chamoli, we invite all of you and many more of you to Prant Village.
Bugiyal of Prant majestically spread out as Mountain meadows up above the village of Bursol known fondly as Shol Chetra or conglomeration of 16 villages of generations old organic farmers’ habitation of Garhwal.

At the basecamp of Himalayas Organic products` and Himalayan Eco-Tourism and Agriculture Development at Bursol, this month of May 2019, after a 10 days rigorous scouting together our very own organic farmers along with the team decided to unite and develop the upper farming land and almost deserted village of Prant as a destination, promoting inclusive ecotourism.
This world and the people of our world need to come to a line where nature restores the energy of the creation through indigenous means and methods. Here, our initiative intermingles with yours, in the line of conscious travelers and trekkers of the world. Prant is getting ready to welcome the world to an inclusive tourism experience where your eyes witness the untouched beauty of mother nature, the virgin soil will beckon your fingers to go dirty in learning farming the mighty Potatoes for the first time, the wilderness may bring you a few guests of harmless nature, organic farmer`s community will be your cheerful hosts to let you experience the life and people of the mountain land.

Here, the entire village of 60 families is slowly deserting this village because of lack of regular facilities such as schools, medical services and of course savage animals feasting on their hard labored farming produces. We together locked on the idea of not to quit the meadows but open the Village of Prant to the travelers while sharing our passion for organic farming and indigenous agricultural techniques, Earthly architecture, base camp to treks such as Brahmtaal, Khamil Peak and many more trek routes to explore yet.

Geographically Prant is situated at a distance of 250 Kilometres from Dehradun. By road an 8 hours journey to reach Bursol, the base station for Himalayas Organic products and Himalayan Eco-Tourism & Agriculture Development. The village has open doors at any time on any season. A quite charming night halt at the village will prepare you to reach the rustic mountain pathway to Prant. This journey can be a photographer`s indulge, a birdwatchers delight, a lovers whispering nothing, a trekkers tuning in and so much more…. (Will continue)

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