Trek Overview

Region: Chamoli District
State: Uttarakhand
Trek duration: 6 Night / 7 Days
Trek Level: Moderate to Difficult
Max. Altitude: 4419 metres.
Trek Length: 43 kilometres.
Trek Route: Bursol Prant Diwol  Karedung Martoli Khamil Top / Jhind Top Brahmatal Kopad Prant Bursol.
Trek Package: 12300/- person

Win your way to Jhind summit
Himalayan Eco Tourism & Agriculture Development has re-explored a forgotten destination named KHAMIL PEAK / JHIND (4419 mtrs.) This trek route has been established and put in use for trekkers of Himalayas since May 2017. Trekkers, who have known Roopkund and in search of another sublime Trek destination yet untouched, are welcome in venturing this Summit with the team of Trekiking.

Khamil Peak is also known by the name of JHIND by local people. This trek rolls upward to an unending upland plateau of Himalayas through the dense bamboo forest of Rengal. Our spirited mountain explorers of Trekiking ever smitten by the grandiose landscape of Himalayas, grew up witnessing this massive peak of JHIND till one day they took the journey to reach the Khamil Top.

Khamil peak has been the centre of surrounding mountain meadows of Uttarakhand connecting three villages Bheti, Bangali and Bursol of Shol Chetra (Conglomeration of 16 villages). Since the beginning of Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra, a religious expedition on foot covering approximately 230 kms, an auspicious offering to the deity of Nanda Devi use to be celebrated here by the pilgrims of Goddess Nanda Devi`s auspicious journey.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:- 08 hrs. drive from Rishikesh to Bursol via Tharali by road 260 kms

Bursol Village Home stay is situated at 1800 mtrs. It is a mountain village of organic farmer`s community of 60 families. Traditional mountain houses made of mud and stone surrounded by organic farmlands where cultivation of local traditional grains, spices, pulses creates an ambiance of natural wellness.

After reaching Bursol Trekkers will have an evening of homely interaction with the humble host. A warm welcome along with local food and drinks.

At Bursol Home stay a peaceful night halt settle the trekkers with a perfect acclimatization.

Day 2:- 10 kms. Up-Trek from Bursol to Diwol via Prant, Trek time 6 hours

After a quick tea & snacks, the Trek commence at 8am.

Pathway leading to Prant is a regular village strip which leads the team through the lush green nature. A forest full of Pine, Oak, Rhododendron, chirping of Black Drongo (Gaunched), Blue Whistling Thrush (Kalthu), Wild fowls (Kukas), Sattal, Harials, Parrots, Chatak, Papiha, Haldu, Nilkanth, Pigeons, Partridges are found in varied colours and in abundance… Travellers will cross through local people along with their domestic stocks. Small shrines of pagan believes such as Naldevi, Bhairavnath, Bhumiyal Devta are present as primeval protector of the mountain communities.

A brisk yet pleasant walk of 3 hrs after crossing a local river stream fondly named Jangar, will bring the team to village of Prant at an altitude of 2300 mtrs.

Activites @ Prant Village Base camp in the morning

  • Introduction to Khamil Peak Trek
  • Introduction to your Trek- Leader
  • Trek Gadget check
  • Primary Health Parameter monitoring

At the traditional stone & mud constructed homestays the trekkers will enjoy freshly prepared lunch.

Post-lunch we will continue trekking upward to reach the next base camp of Diwol. Deep forest way of local Bamboo (Rengal) leads the road through patches of steep mountainways. Here the topography of Himalayan highland opens up like a magical landscape on each turn keeping the mystery intact.

Wilderness of this trek route will enthral the soul of a traveller over and over again. Mountain terrain leading us to Dharkhal, where savage animals like Barashingha (mountain deer), Sungar (Wild boar), Guldar (Leopard), Sehi (Porcupine), Saro (Himalayan Serow), Rikh (Black Bear), Kakad (Barking Dear) etc… come to drink water from the small ponds (Tal) in monsoon.

3 hours of semi-arduous walking will take the travellers to the Base camp of Diwol situated inside dense forest at an altitude of 2800 mtrs.

Now is the time to plunge in the jungle feelings… setting sun disappearing behind the tall trees leaving streaks of golden rays… birds flying back to their nest… we lit the fire, mount the tents, and sip on hot soups…

Night halt at the jungle camp of Diwol perfectly nurtures the innocent fairy tale in each of us.

Day 3:- 9 kms. Up-Trek from Diwol to Martoli via Karedung, Trek time 7 hours

Activites @ Diwol Base Camp @ 2800 mtrs

  • Pre- Trek stretching and breathing
  • Knowledge sharing about the route
  • Trek equipment manoeuvring

An early morning waking up with organic black tea, some warming-up and healthy breakfast at 8am will prepare the trekkers to kick-start another hike towards Martoli at 3550 mtrs.

The altitude above 3,000 metres is generally considered a zone of sub-alpine and alpine vegetation.

River valley of Nanoli is an alpine trove to nature lovers and hikers. An endless view of the vividly colored Himalayan flowers catches your eyes at each step. The most interesting of them, aesthetically and botanically are seen in the higher altitudes, from 2,450 meters and above. The arrival of spring with red Rhododendron (Burans) making the forests blazing in an uprising of colours.

Walking up ways through the dense forest with handful of monsoon Raspberries (Rashbhari), we finally are exposed to the endless Bugiyal of Khamil range. The naturally chiselled Khamil peak beckons from Karedung at 4419mtrs.

Trek leader chose to call for a break for lunch. Packed lunch is served. Post lunch the trekkers give in to the desire to go closer to spectacular Khamil peak. Here the land belongs to the alpine animals; Ibax (Thar), Musk deer (Veena & Kasturi), Himalayan Leopard ( Bagh), Himalayan Black Bear (Rikh) may catch in your sight from a distance. Monals spread their ranbow colours with a note of happiness…

Mountain landscaping keeps on changing with a master stroke of the Creator. Meadows are carpeted with long grass locally called Mamaul. Trekkers will cross the meadows through steep block of stones. After up-trekking for 3 hours we stop to the camp site. Spend the night together under the ever awakening supervision of Mount Khamil.

Day 4:- 3 kms. Up-Trek from Martoli to Khamil Peak / Down-Trek to Martoli, Trek time 5 hours

This morning trekkers are set to reach the final destination. This patch of up-trek will often put the trekkers in moderate challenges with steep mountain slopes, trekking poles will prove to be the best friend to the trekking team, winter time trekkers will need put in use cramp-on, Gaiter, ropes etc…

Here we enter in the world of Himalayan Ayurvedic medicinal plants. A thousand varieties of various plants in natural display allure the trekkers to smell and test but under a strict interdiction to even touch any natural plant growth around is to be followed religiously as these herbs and roots are carrying the most original medicinal compositions of Ayurveda hence can put your life in danger in no time if ingested or contacted blindfolded.

Caterpillar fungus, Yarsa-Gumba localy known as (keera-jari), Acorus calamus (Banj),Adina cordifolia (Haldu), Allium stracheyi (Jambu) Allium wallichii (Kunth), Atropa belladonna (Dhatur Jahar) Berberis aristata (Kilmori) Betula utilis (Bhuj Seed) Gentiana tenella (Kutuki & Katuwi Fruit), Linum usitatissinum (Alsi), Origanum vulgare (Jangali tulsi) and many more…

The more we are closer to the peak, the call to reach Khamil summit is bigger. Crossing meadows following sound of wind, braving deep abyss along the ridge, desperation to achieve the impressive Jhind top, spur the trekkers at once.

At this gigantesque pastureland where Himalayan sheep (Debra), Ibax (Thar ) and Monals, Eagles (Baaz) & Vultures (Gid) are the ones found wandering at an altitude above 4000 metres yearlong.

Who but the mighty Trek leaders of Trekiking can lead you to this endless No Man`s Land when travellers are on the verge of giving up their exhausted body … and there just after a few metres of negotiation with that last steps on that heavy rock slab transports you to the ultimate zone called Jhind Top ( Khamil Peak) at 4419 metres.

Spectacular panoramic view of Nandadevi range at the high Himalayas like Nandadevi ((7,817 mtrs.), Kamet Peak (7,756 mtrs.), Trishuli (7,120 mtrs.), Roopkund (6,800 mtrs), Nanda Ghunti (6,309 mtrs); Dronagiri peak (7068 mtr), Hathi and Ghoda peaks of Badrinath Valley, Chowkhamba (7,138 mtrs.) of Gangotri Group of the Garhwal Himalayas, Panchulli Range (6,334 mtrs – 6,904 mtrs), Neelkanth (6,596 meters) in Alakananda Valley, Pindari Glacier (3,860mtrs.) of Pindar Valley, Valley of Ali, Churabari glacier (3,835 mtrs.), Kedarnath Peak (6,940 mtrs.) of Kedarnath Valley and Kalu Danda (Tip N Top of Lansdowne), Uttarakhand opens up in 360 degrees. In the lap of majestic Himalayas in wide landscape the visual opens to rural areas of Dewal, Tharali, Ghat blocks in Kumaon and Garhwal region.

The early trekkers reach the Khamil peak the more can be witnessed… a feeling of flying chases the travellers as heavy wind flows randomly around… a feeling of disappearing happens with the moving clouds… temperature drops quickly…Another mission accomplished. Now is the time to capture and remain captivated at the ethereal space of Jhind.

After spending a day at Khamil Peak with mind full of beauty and of course stomach satiated with healthy food packs the trekkers take the route to return to Martoli camping site before night fall.

Day 5: 5 kms. Parallel Trek From Martoli to Brahmatal, Trek time 3 hours

Brahmatal is a celestial lake tucked in the vast meadows of Himalayas at an altitude of 3444 mtrs.

Brahmatal has been considered as Lord Brahma`s abode of meditation since the beginning of time. Brahmatal affirms the shape of Brahmkamal, the primordial flower of Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Brahmatal is geographically situated in Chamoli Garhwal. During winter in the months of October till March, the lake freezes completely. Being situated at a high altitude of 3444 mtrs., there is never dearth of oxygen as Brahmtal is surrounded by dense forest of Deodar, Rododendron, Thuner (Taxus Baccata), Khorsu etc… so it acts as a reservoir of oxygen. Monsoon is a lucrative time of lush-green nature to walk through this magical valley. This time of the year over the plateau is ventured by animals to graze the wet grassland of Himalayas.

All through the year the illusive land of Brahmtal makes every traveller feel an intimate proximity with other legendary summits of Himalayas around.

The Trekkers reaches Brahmatal Base camp crossing through the forest bound meadows of Himalayas towards the mighty Bramhtal Lake. Divine nature of Himalaya unfolds at each step of this spellbinding destination.

Another day unfolds at this mythical lake of Brahmatal. Tents are mounted… woods from forest collected… Our beloved man of service lits the fire… food gets ready.

An overnight-stay at Brahmatal campsite after a sumptuous dinner together.

Day 6:- 13 kms. Down- Trek from Brahmatal to Prant via Kopad, Trek time 7 hours

Kopad is at 7 kms. from Brahmtal and Prant Village Home-stay is another 6 kms. This route has been in everyday use for local people since many years hence the route is well paved.

Kopad is a habitual grazing field for locals from Ratgaon. This comes under Nanda Devi Reserve Forest Land. Community from Ratgaon since generations do organic farming of mountain potato, Rajma (Kidney beans) and also of Hemp plant to get hemp seeds as pickle add-on, spice and hemp fibre ropes,

The huge green plateau of Kopad can host quite a number of trekkers and their tents. Fresh water is flowing from more than one source throughout the year. The plateau is surrounded by dense forest of Oak, Deodar, Rhododendron. Nanoli River flows through the valley of Kopad originating from the upland of Brahmatal, Himalayas. A diverse variety of savage animals such as mountain deer, leopard, wild boar and many more can be found in the jungle of the Reserve Forest. Domestic animals like cows, buffalos, horses, goats will be seen around grazing at the meadows.

At the lush green campsite of Kopad we halt for lunch.

Before we leave for the Farmer`s village of Prant from Kopad, the team goes playful with the team over the menu for tonight`s dinner. Team leader comes in rescue with the idea of bonfire with locally grown stock of grains and vegetables branded as Himalaya`s organic Products, which is the window for organic produce from the region, working tirelessly with the farmer`s community of Terraced natural Farming of Uttarakhand.

Village of Prant majestically spread out as Mountain meadows up above the village of Bursol known fondly as Shol-Chetra or conglomeration of 16 villages of generations old organic farmers’ habitation of Garhwal.

Prant is getting ready to welcome the travellers of the world to an inclusive Eco-tourism experience where your eyes will witness the untouched beauty of mother-nature, the virgin soil will beckon your fingers to go dirty in learning farming the mighty Potatoes for the first time, this wilderness may bring in a few guests of harmless nature. organic farmer`s community will be your cheerful hosts to let you experience the life and people of the mountain-land.

This night will let the trekkers savour an experience of Eco- Home-staying at Prant village, Home- cooked organic food, Earthly architecture of mud house with stone roof, traditional interior, freshwater from the spring, silent night in wilderness, welcoming morning with chirping birds, rustic farmer damsel with (solta) made of local bamboo on their back, organic farmland spread till infinite horizon…

This journey will surely be a photographer`s indulge, a birdwatcher’s delight, a lover’s whispering nothing, a trekkers tuning in and so much more…

Day 7:- Return Journey from Prant to Rishikesh via Bursol Village, Journey time 9 hours

5 kms. Down- Trek from Prant to Bursol, Trek time 1.30 hours

Next morning, the last day of trek calls for a wrap-up and farewell with the farmer`s community of Bursol.

Geographically Bursol is situated at a distance of 260 Kilometres from Dehradun. By road an 8 hours journey to reach Bursol, the base station for Himalaya`s Organic products and Himalayan Eco-Tourism & Agriculture Development. The village has open doors at any time on any season. A pass over at the village will prepare your soul to regain the motivation towards going back from where you started the journey.

From here the travellers take the road to go back to Rishikesh by car.

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Itinerary Briefing

Road Journey 260 kms. from Rishikesh to Bursol Village via Tharali.

Rishikesh is 250 kilometres North-east from Delhi; travel time by road is 6 hours, by air 30 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is 16 kilometres from Rishikesh, travel time 30 minutes.

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, Bursol village is situated at 260 kilometres; travel time by road is 8 hours
Route from Rishikesh to Bursol.

Devprayag Srinager Karnprayag  Tharali Bursol

  • Day 1: Rishikesh To Bursol via Tharali
  • Meeting Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh
  • Departure: 6.30am
  • Altitude: 1900 mtrs.
  • Distance: 260 kms.
  • Travel time: 07-08 hrs.
  • Dinner: Bursol Base Camp
  • Night Halt: Bursol Base Camp
  • Day 2: Up- trek Bursol to Diwol via Prant
  • Bursol to Prant – 5kms.
  • Prant to Diwol – 5 kms.
  • Altitude: 1800 – 2800 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 10 kms.
  • Breakfast: Bursol Base Camp
  • Lunch: Cooked Food
  • Dinner: Diwol Campsite
  • Night Halt: Diwol Campsite
  • Day 3: Diwol to Martoli Via Karedung
  • Diwol to Karedung – 5 kms.
  • Karedung to Martoli – 4 kms.
  • Altitude: 2800 – 3500 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 9 kms.
  • Breakfast: Diwol Campsite
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Karedung
  • Night Halt: Martoli Campsite
  • Day 4: Martoli to Khamil peak to Martoli Base camp
  • Altitude: 4419 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 6kms.
  • Breakfast: Travel Pack
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Martoli Campsite
  • Night Halt: Martoli Campsite
  • Day 5: Martoli to Brahmatal
  • Altitude: 3718 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 5 kms.
  • Breakfast : Martoli Campsite
  • Lunch: Travel Pack
  • Dinner: Brahmatal Campsite
  • Night Halt: Brahmatal Campsite
  • Day 6: Brahmatal to Prant via Kopad
  • Altitude: 2300 mtrs.
  • Distance: 13kms.
  • Breakfast: Brahmatal Campsite
  • Lunch: Kopad
  • Dinner: Home cooked food
  • Travel time: 7hrs.
  • Night Halt: Prant Homestay
  • Day 7: Prant to Bursol
  • Altitude: 1800 mtrs.
  • Distance: 5kms.
  • Breakfast: Bursol Homestay
  • Return journey By Road
  • Bursol to Rishikesh – 264 kms.
  • Journey time – 7 – 8 hours.
  • Reaching Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh

Home Stay / Village Tour

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