Trek Overview

Region: Chamoli District
State: Uttarakhand
Trek duration: 3 Night / 4 Days
Trek Level: Easy to Moderate
Max. Altitude: 2700 metres.
Trek Length: 13 kilometres.
Trek Route: Ratgaon  Seem Kunji  Vinyek Dhar Summit  Kunji  Bursol.
Trek Package: 6000/- person

A perfect escape to the jungle
Kunji Vinayak Dhar Trek is gem of a short winter Trek.
This trek can be done by a senior citizen trekker quite easily as well.
We start this trek from Trekiking Ratgaon Village Base camp at the foothill of Vinayak Dhar Summit.
Domestic Cattle Horse and Mules are the precious treasure to the 350 farmer`s families of Ratgaon.
At Kunji snow remains for the longest time in a year from mid-December to end of February.
In winter the agricultural waste are stocked as animal fodder in the trees under snowfall.

Himalayan Eco-Tourism & Agriculture Development welcomes the travellers and trekkers to enjoy mesmerising jungle bound trek routes through the mountain landscape. Kunji trek & Camping inside Nanda Devi reserve forest, is born from the idea of clubbing the many dimensions of mountain adventure such as reaching the summit of Vinayak Dhar by steep mountain routes, Camping in complete isolation inside the perennial forest of Uttarakhand, a basic practice for mountain climbers, Home-stay on the way, team bonding over bonfire, replenish our senses with locally grown organic food and beverages.

Kunji Jungle camping is a perfect escape to those who are desperately looking for a random quick-fix to their very dear traveller`s self.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:- 08 hrs drive from RISHIKESH to RATGAON via THARALI by road 274 kms

Ratgaon Village Base camp is situated at 1900 mtrs.

After reaching Base Camp the Team bonds over relaxation.

Early dinner & Night halt at Trekiking Base Camp.

Day 2:- 5 kms. Up-TREK from RATGAON Camping site to Kunji via Seem, Trek time 3 hours

Activities @ Ratgaon Village Base camp in the morning

  • Acclimatization
  • Introduction to Kunji, Vinayak Dhar Trek
  • Introduction to your Trek- Leader
  • Trek Gadget check
  • Primary Health Parameter monitoring

After breakfast the Trek commence at 8am in summer / 10am in winter.

Ratgaon is the last village on the trek route to Kunji, Vinayak Dhar Trek. The mountain meadow of Kunji is home to organic farmer`s village of Ratgaon and Seem. Excellency of these people lies in Terraced cultivation of organic grains and crops. Their principal livelihood runs on organic farmland produce.

The route from here to the summit of Vinyak Dhar is one of the simplest of most of the trek routes. This route has been in everyday use for local people since many years hence the route is well paved.

On the route the mythical temple of Bhekal Nag marks it`s presence shrouded in stories. They say, Once upon a time the head priest of the Snake-temple, in search of his lost water-pot, jumped inside the pond and disappeared… myth goes that he had a divine encounter with snake god & goddess then finally the priest came out from this door of Bhekal Nag temple. Nagraj, the snake god dearly worshipped by the farmer`s community of Ratgaon village by offering milk.

Village people flock in the meadows from the other side of the mountain for 2, 3 moths in monsoon to graze their animals. Rest on the year this pasture land of Kunji is a traveller’s lonely paradise.

Here winter days are mostly snow covered …

After we cross the large grass-field of Kunji at the further bend we enter into the deep forest of Deodar, Khorsu, Burans where the Deodars trees of 70, 80 feet standing tall wearing the eternal poncho made of snow, rhododendron loses it`s red under the snow-white, Highland Khorshu which is a potent food and an ideal floor- spread for animals remains meditative spreading long arms.

Himalayan Eco-Tourism and agriculture Development here at Kunji organizes a mountain climbing workshop where the trekkers will enjoy a basic mountain climber`s activity practice with ice axe, rope, Climbing ascender (Jumar), Cramp-on, Gaiters with the experienced Trek leader.

And zuttt!! The mobile network is dear over here with no signal mostly, the more trekkers go up the chance of getting it is prominent.

Freshly made food & Night halt at Kunji camping site at an altitude of 2600 mtrs.

Day 3:- 2 kms. Up-TREK from Kunji to Vinyak Dhar Summit to Ratgaon Base camp. Trek time 5 hrs

If the desire is to be soaked in the snow, Base camp of Ratgaon may have none or little but as and when the trekkers start walking in the direction of Vinayak Dhar… progressively snowy slopes starts revealing one after another.

Vinayak Dhar Summit opens up to the valley of Deval Block from a height of 2700 mtrs. Small villages scattered here and there. Mighty snow-capped crowns of Himalayas such as Nanda Ghunguti, Trishuli, Ali Bugiyal, Bagji Bugiyal, Roopkund show up in wide screen… at the other end we witness the glamorous presence of Brahmatal peak, Khamil peak.

Here fun begins in heavy winter days with 2 to 2&1/2 feet snow gathered everywhere around… falling snow flakes is an usual order of nature around this landscape in those cold days of the year.

A few huts around are seen snow-capped where locals from Deval comes on monsoon days with their animals. Rest of the time this permanent huts are trekker`s dome to chill, enjoy a white-night bon-fire, soak into the moment of silence … a starry night freezes your memory forever.

A small pond is found right at the centre of the meadow. In winter nights this water body freezes quickly and remains a snow trap for new trekkers.

From nowhere a ringing mobile may surprise us here as the signal is back to share your visual treat with friends and loved ones missing there logged in.

Night Halt at Base camp Ratgaon/ Bursol Village Home-stay.

Day 4:- 08 hrs drive from Bursol to Rishikesh via Tharali by road 274 kms

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Itinerary Briefing

Rishikesh is 250 kilometres North-east from Delhi; travel time by road is 6 hours, by air 30 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is 16 kilometres from Rishikesh, travel time 30 minutes.

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, situated at 266 kilometres; travel time by road is 7 hours.

Devprayag Srinager Karnprayag  Tharali Ratgaon Base Camp

  • Day 1: Rishikesh To Ratgaon via Tharali
  • Meeting Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh
  • Departure: 6.30am
  • Altitude: 1900 mtrs.
  • Distance: 274 kms.
  • Travel time: 08-10 hrs.
  • Dinner: Ratgaon Base Camp
  • Night Halt: Ratgaon Base Camp
  • Day 2: Ratgaon To Kunji Campsite
  • Altitude: 2600 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 5 kms.
  • Breakfast: Ratgaon Base Camp
  • Lunch: Kunji Campsite
  • Dinner: Kunji Campsite
  • Night Halt: Kunji Campsite
  • Day 3: Kunji to Vinyak Dhar Summit to Kunji campsite
  • Altitude: 2700 mtrs.
  • Trek distance: 2 kms.
  • Breakfast: Kunji Campsite
  • Lunch: Kunji Campsite
  • Dinner: Ratgaon Base Camp / Bursol Homastay
  • Night Halt: Ratgaon Base Camp / Bursol Homastay
  • Day 4: Ratgaon Base Camp / Bursol Homastay To Rishikesh (Nataraj Chowk)  via Tharali
  • Altitude: 372 mtrs.
  • Breakfast: Ratgaon Base Camp / Bursol Homastay
  • Distance: 274 kms.
  • Travel time: 08-10 hrs
  • Reaching Point: Nataraj Chowk, Rishikesh

Home Stay / Village Tour

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