Organic Farming at Himni Village, Dewal Block

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With wrong farming methods, we turn fertile land into desert. Unless we go back to organic farming and save the soil, there is no future.
Natural indigenous farming these days Alas!!! Getting brownie points with the very tagging “ORGANIC AGRICULTURE”.
Let us take you to the generation old Himalayan farmlands of Uttarakhand.

Village of Himni

This small village perked at 8700 feet facing snow caped Trishuli glacier, Nanda Ghunguti peak, Bagji Bugiyal… The village is home to community of 200 Garhwali Rajput families who are scaling a nurturing horizon bending indigenous terrace farming by canvasing magical landscaping keeping in guards the heavenly glaciers at the background where the lines merges in infinity shifting soulful traveller`s eyes from horizon to eternity.

People of the mountains, farmers of the high meadows and the followers of Organic produce worldwide, the Himniites are growing crops twice, one at 12 to 18 degrees, they lovingly call it Spring-Monsoon cultivation (Khareeb season) which produce approximately 100 quintals of grains of Rajma (Kidney beans), Red and White Amaranth seeds (Amaranthus), 6 month-long naturally germinated mountain potatoes, Black soyabean, Tur daal (Lentils of Pigeon peas), Bhang Daana (Hemp seed), Bhangjeera (Perilla seeds), upland Maize(Makki), Malta (Himalayan Oranges), Cucumber ( Khera) etc… and the other is of course Autumn-Summer Farming (Ravi season) which gives us nourishment such as Wheatgram (Gehun), Berley (Jau), Black and yellow Mustard (Sarson), Peas pods (Matar Phali) etc…The regenerative Medicinal Haldi (Curcuma Longa) is also cultivated over 2 yearly season, Tuber Colocasia (Arbi) is another blood purifying agent which is a major produce of the village during winter months.

The farmer folks of this region keep on feeding and nurturing the soil with natural manure of cow-dung at minus 7 degrees throughout chilly days of winter. Here the Garhwali people who are born hikers scout on the steep mountain terrain in search of rare medicinal attributes from the Himalayan treasure trove of Ancient Ayurveda.

To have Your mind, soul and body rejuvenated and kicking with this community of adventurous farmers of Himni, We the Travel Maverick at Himalaya`s Organic products and Himalayan Eco-Tourism and Agricultural Development are opening the never ending opportunity to modest Home-stay and Camping at Himni village, Chamoli district, Uttarakhand.
Next destination to unfold here, will be Organic Farming at Prant with Dhiree Farswan

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